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Review: Revv G2 Overdrive

The Revv G2 is the newest pedal offering from Revv Amplification, and completes the pedal trifecta that is the Revv G Series. Although it was originally designed to deliver all [ … ]

Review: Nobels ODR-Mini

The Nobels ODR-Mini is the company’s newest take on their classic ODR-1 overdrive pedal. An old favorite amongst Nashville legends, the ODR-1 has recently experienced an increase in exposure, thanks [ … ]

Review: Abasi Pathos

Two legends, both alike in dignity: Tosin Abasi, and Brian Wampler, have teamed up to design a pedal suited to the needs of progressive metal guitarists. The result is the [ … ]

Review: Revv G3 Distortion

Canadian. Expensive. Handmade. High gain. Sound familiar? No, we’re not talking about Mike, we’re talking about Revv Amplification, the team behind the revered Generator amps, and now the much smaller [ … ]

Review: Azor Fuzz

Azor is one of a multitude of Asia-based companies that have been giving some of the more established pedal companies a run for their money. At the beginning of this [ … ]